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M. Agostinelli, R. Priewasser, S. Marsili, M. Huemer

Constant switching frequency techniques for sliding mode control in DC-DC converters download

Ryszard Sikora, Tomasz Chady, Piotr Baniukiewicz, Przemyslaw Lopato, Lech Napierala, Tomasz Pietrusewicz, Grzegorz Psuj

Intelligent System for Radiogram Analysis - software applications download

Barbara Szymanik, Stanislaw Gratowski

Waveguide flange's shape optimization in microwave enhanced infrared landmines detection download

Lucian Mandache, Mihai Iordache

SPICE Model for Effective and Accurate Time Domain Simulation of Power Transformers download

Georgi Tsenov, Valeri Mladenov

Higher Order Sigma-Delta Modulator Loopfilter Parallel Form Representation in z and s Domain download

Simona Filipova-Petrakieva, Kiril Stoykov, Valeri Mladenov

Analysis and Comparison of the Analytical and Experimental methods modeling the Electrostatic Field download

K. Siwek, S. Osowski, B. Swiderski

Study of PM10 Pollution Using Signal Analysis Methods download

Sravanthi Vajje, Thomas Schlechter

Hardware-Software Co-Simulation Environment for a Multiplier Free Blocker Detection Approach for LTE Systems download

Valeri Mladenov

A Method for Validation the Limit Cycles of High Order Sigma-Delta Modulators download

Lubomir Brancik, Bretislav Ševcik

Fully Time-Domain Simulation of Multiconductor Transmission Line Systems download

Przemyslaw Lopato, Tomasz Chady, Ryszard Sikora, Stanislaw Gratkowski, Marcin Ziolkowski

Numerical Modelling of Terahertz Systems for Nondestructive Evaluation of Dielectric Materials download

Thomas Schlechter

Output-to-SpectrumAssignmentAlgorithm for a LTE Cognitive Radio Filter Bank download

Mohamad Mostafa, Werner G. Teich, Jürgen Lindner

Stability Analysis of Recurrent Neural Networks with Time-Varying Activation Functions download

Abhiram Kolli, Alireza Fasih, Fadi Al Machot, Kyandoghere Kyamakya

Non-intrusive Car Drivers Emotion Recognition Using Thermal Camera download

Ivo Doležel, Pavel Karban, František Mach, Bohuš Ulrych

Advanced Adaptive Algorithms In finite element methode of higher order of Accuracy download

Alenka Milovanovic, Branko Koprivica

Analysis of Square Coaxial Lines by using Eqvivalent electrodes method download

Slavko Vujevic, Dino Lovric and Tonci Modric

2D Computation and Measurement of Electric and Magnetic Fields of Overhead Electric Power Lines download

Oana Mitrea

Socio-Technical Requirements for the System Dynamics Modeling of Driving Actions in Cooperative Traffic Systems download

Elissaveta Gadjeva, Marin Hristov

Computer-Aided Extraction of Small-Signal Model Parameters of Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors download

Slavko Vujevic, Zdenko Balaž and Dino Lovric

Ground Impedance of Cylindrical Metal Plate Buried in Homogeneous Earth download

Slavko Vujevic, Tonci Modric, Dino Lovric

The difference between voltage and potential difference download

Tony de Souza-Daw

Towards Ultrasonic Detection of Acoustic Windows for Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound and related Procedures download

Atsushi Nomura, Makoto Ichikawa, Koichi Okada

Image Edge Detection with Discretely Spaced FitzHugh-Nagumo Type Excitable Elements download

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